Tile & Grout

Agoura Hills Carpet Cleaning offers tile and grout sealing and ahcccleaning services for a wide variety of different types of tiles. These include:
•    Ceramic
•    Granite
•    Limestone
•    Marble
•    Porcelain
•    Terra Cotta
•    Travertine
Regardless of the type of tile that needs to be cleaned, the basic cleaning process is the same. The steps typically followed by the professional cleaners of Simi Valley Carpet Cleaning include:
•    Vacuum the area thoroughly in order to remove all of the loose soil and debris
•    Pre-treat the area with a mild detergent to break up the dirt
•    Hand scrub the area to loosen all of the ground-in dirt and soil
•    Rinse the area with a high pressure rinse to remove the remaining soil and detergent
•    Acid treat tough stains if appropriate for the material
In addition to cleaning your tile, the professional cleaners at Agoura Hills Carpet Cleaning will also seal the tile and grout. By adding this protective layer, your grout will last longer and will be more resistant to spills, stains and soiling. Sealing your tile also makes it easier to maintain. With a wide variety of different grout sealants available, our professionals will have no problem finding a sealant to suit your needs.
At Agoura Hills Carpet Cleaning, we take pride in our work. Therefore, all of our work is backed by a 30 day guarantee. If you are unhappy with our tile and grout sealing and cleaning service, we will re-clean and reseal your tile and grout until it meets your satisfaction.
To learn more about our services and to get a free estimate on your tile and grout sealing and cleaning service, give us a call at 747-222-6498.
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